Sup. I created this Wiki a while ago, but haven't really done much with it (there isn't much info out there) but I hope that, if you got something good, you will help us expand.

I'm looking for Admins and such to add, so I figure that you should just leave a message on my Talk Page with a request for Adminship.

At first, it will be easier to become an Admin, with only 50 edits or so; but as we expand, it will take more along the lines of 300, so start working now! I will only (at the moment) need three SysOps, and five Moderators.

I'm not looking for Bureaucrats, and any request for becoming one will either be ignored/deleted or taken as a request to become a Moderator (the lowliest of the Royals).

Thanks to LexiLexi for getting some more info for the Wiki and formatting the Main Page.

Peace out,

Teenbat - God of Blood 00:10, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

Bureaucrat, Founder, and Mob Boss of the Red Widow Wiki.