Nicholae Schiller

Name Nicholae Schiller
Gender Male
Portrayed By Goran Visnjic


Handsome, immaculate, a wolf in very expensive clothing, Schiller is a powerful and dangerous crime boss.


Marta Walraven :

The widow of the man Schiller believes responsible for his stolen shipment. He holds Marta responsible for paying back the debt which her husband has accrued by working for him. He finds her talent of fixing problems to be valuable as he removes things that aren't. He is impressed by Marta's capabilities in the situation and appears to have some sort of feelings for her. A very dangerous thing for him to develop since he finds such things distractions. He will not tolerate any distractions and will remove them.

Laszlo Schiller ( Lucescu) :

Nicholae Schiller's father. He is a Romani survivor of the Holocaust as he bears a prisoner number on his left forearm. He took the identity of the first man he ever killed. A prison guard at the Birkenau concentration camp named Schiller. He is wheelchair bound and seems to rely on his son to be taken care of. He is fascinated with Marta (Petrov) Walraven as he wishes to see if she truly is a Petrov.


  • "There are two things that matter in the world of business, money and trust. Now money usually isn't the problem, one can always get money back. But trust... once you've lost it you have nothing. "
  • "Remember what matters Mrs. Walraven. Money and trust."