• Teenbat

    Sup. I created this Wiki a while ago, but haven't really done much with it (there isn't much info out there) but I hope that, if you got something good, you will help us expand.

    I'm looking for Admins and such to add, so I figure that you should just leave a message on my Talk Page with a request for Adminship.

    At first, it will be easier to become an Admin, with only 50 edits or so; but as we expand, it will take more along the lines of 300, so start working now! I will only (at the moment) need three SysOps, and five Moderators.

    I'm not looking for Bureaucrats, and any request for becoming one will either be ignored/deleted or taken as a request to become a Moderator (the lowliest of the Royals).

    Thanks to LexiLexi for getting some more info…

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  • LexiLexi

    Actor Pedro Pascal was recently cast on Red Widow. He will be playing Joe Crumb, a tattoo artist. He has previously had small roles on Lights Out and The Good Wife.

    It is unclear how large his role will be, especially since the vast majority of the show has already been casted.

    Have you seen him in action before? Are you excited to see him on Red Widow? Comment below and let us know!

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